Sarah Gordon
Aesthetician, Makeup Artist and Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner

Sarah is the owner of Wauwatosa Wellness Spa. She is a licensed Aesthetician in the states of WI & IL and was medically trained by a renowed Plastic Surgeon in WI. She specializes in Acne and Aging skin. Sarah believes in educating everyone on their skin. She continues her education through monthly webinars, and in person training in Chicago under the instruction of skincare experts. Sarah is also a makeup artist, receiving education on makeup application at Alexander Thomas School of Esthetics and continuing education yearly.

Sarah also believes strongly in the mind body spiritual connection. Intuition is a gift we all possess and she believes by learning to connect to that part in us we can truly live to our full potential in this lifetime. Sarah has created unique treatments that combine energy work with skincare to mold together the inner and outer beauty we all possess. When we learn to shut off the inner chatter and listen to our higher self we truly can see miracles happen in our lives as well as in others. Sarah is so grateful for being able to help women to reach their full potential.

Sarah is also attunded to Reiki Master/Practitioner and has taken several Energy Medicine classes. Through her life's experiences and her education, Sarah is helping to balance the body, mind and soul.

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Terri Wicinski
Massage Therapist

I have been a Massage Therapist since 2002, graduating from Lakeside School
of Massage Therapy. I got into massage therapy to bring relief to people
who are suffering from stress, injuries and everyday aches and pains. I have been
exposed to many physical techniques including swedish (basic manipulation), shiatsu (pressure point massage), trigger point work, myofascial release and prenatal massage. I strongly believe in the mind/body/spirit connection, so I have also studied many forms of energy work in order to bring balance to the body in a more internal way. I love to integrate different massage modalities into a session in order to give my clients what they need.

phone: 414-510-1778
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Marie Sokolowski
Massage Therapist

Marie F. Sokolowski, LMT is a graduate of Lakeside School of Massage Therapy. She has been a Massage Therapist since 2008. Wisconsin State Licensed, Nationally Ceritified with the NCBTMB, and a member of the AMTA.

Marie has worked extensively with clients who suffer with chronic pain. Some brought on by everyday overuse issues, to people who suffer with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. After seeing the increasingly improved results that massage has had on her client's quality of life, Marie has become passionate about working with people who unfortunately suffer with chronic pain, as well as working with individuals who are seeking a natural, and effective way to reduce stress and increase wellness.

Marie is trained in, Swedish Massage (relaxation), Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Hydrotherapy, Shiatsu, Joint Mobilization, Connective Tissue, and Energy work. Your session will be a blend of different modalities depending on your needs which Marie has found to be the most beneficial way of working with her clients for a well rounded healing experience.

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Scott Hestekin

I found my way to Thai Bodywork through one of my other favorite things - playing Kirtan (call and response chanting performed in India’s bhakti devotional traditions). It was by playing with my teachers, Bhavani Hope, and Ryan Hader, that I was introduced to the power and potential of both Thai Bodywork and Reiki. I have been offering Thai Bodywork and Reiki in the Milwaukee area for over two years, and am excited to bring what I’ve learned to the Wauwatosa Wellness Spa!

If you have never tried Thai Bodywork, you’ve been missing out! Considered one of the oldest documented forms of bodywork, it is a combination of acupressure and assisted stretches, similar to yoga. It has been referred to as “yoga for lazy people,” or “like having yoga done to you.” Your job is to relax and breathe, my job is to clear energies and align the body through an anient system of deep pressure and stretching. While it may be intense at points, it generally results in a more loose, flexible, and mobile body. I truly believe in the power of this work to bring you to a happier, healthier, and more peaceful place in mind, body, and spirit. Contact me for an appointment today!


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Mary Nikcevich
Massage Therapist

Mary graduated from The Pacific School of Massage and Healing Arts in 1982. After working at fine salons in San Francisco she took her table to St. Thomas USVI. While establishing her private business there she was asked to coordinate massage therapy for the crew of the movie Weekend at Bernies 2, which was being filmed on the Island.
Back home in Milwaukee she trained at Aveda salons learning ayurvedic techniques, hydro therapy, and many spa treatments.She then created a position with promoters at the Marcus Amphitheater, Bradley center, and Riverside theater.  Her Years of experience granted her the opportunity to work on major stars, including Sting, Peter Gabriel (twice), Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Kieth Urban, Adam Levine, Norah Jones, and many more.
Mary combines deep tissue massage with gentle stretching, and Lomi Lomi (traditional Hawaiian massage). Her long career has made her an expert in pin pointing the cause of most aches and pains. She teaches her clients how to be mindful of breath, posture, and how to recognize what in their daily lives could be the culprit.
Sometimes it can be as easy as adjusting the car seat!

Ask Mary about her 30 minute salt scrub using dead sea salt, and oil. The full body scrub is a great treatment after a long dry Winter, or Summer Sun exposure. It will exfoliate, moisturize, and leave you smelling like a tropical flower!

phone: 414-322-1693

Ananda Walker
Thai Massage, Reiki II Chakra Therapist

Ananda has studied Thai Massage with some of the best practitioners world wide. Arno L'Hermitte (France), Felicity Joy (UK), Jack Chiaya (Thailand), Anastasis Koutsogiannis (Greece) and Raphael Burkhard (Germany). She brings also her Reiki II, Chakra Therapy and five years of medical intuitive practice to create a unique experience of Thai Massage.

"I never dreamed that I would be a massage therapist. Spent a lot of time studying other healing modalities but, after feeling and seeing the results of Thai Massage I was hooked for life. Thai Massage is a full being experience incorporating the bones, muscles, nervous system and energy body. It is great for realignment, relaxation, boosting your immune system and many other benefits. I love this work and I love how people feel after a massage."  

phone: 414-207-9881